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Mall Analytics- people counting technology

All around the world few prominent industries like retail are changing rapidly in its structure, buying and selling process and also in customer acquisition. In an increasingly volatile economy and a rise of consumers demand has forced this sector to welcome new technology that creates a better market scenario. For example, the concept of proximity marketing has leveraged the malls and retail owners to stay competitive by initiating the data-driven approach in measuring the behaviour of the shoppers. It is quite an indomitable fact that data analysis is playing a major role in this sector.

Here we will take you through a complete detailing of shopping mall analytics or retail analytics that is seemingly new in several parts of the world.  To begin with, let’s say that this technology does a qualitative analysis of relationships between the mall and the store. With the aid of people counting technology, the analysis is done over footfall count, store capture rate store conversion rate in-mall marketing etc.  Anaz Technologies, one of the prominent names in UAE is making a huge contribution in the domain of people counting solution, and with the association of vemcount software, it makes analysis perfect, for clients around the world.

As said in the beginning, the concept and formulation of marketing have changed a lot as now customers’ engagement is huge and the companies are even trying to create an ambience of personalized offerings. To elucidate a little one can see how the food delivery apps are making the customers involved in their promotional campaigning. People can put reviews, comments for others to see and that gives a boost to the sale.

A year of biggest transformation for retail and mall business.

Today customers crave for constant innovation in buying goods. The concept of people count in UAE didn’t trigger much then, but now it is like a sensation to all retail and mall owners.  It was getting difficult to keep pace with the digitalization as it offers scope and luxury to shop, but the retail system was still conventional by nature. But this year a resolution in the retail sector in UAE is expected to be seen as the entrepreneurs have felt the need of traffic data analysis. This will not only understand the pulse of the customers but also catapult a new kind of business practice.

 Also along with profitability in business, video people counter recognizes the customers’ behavioural changes as it happens over time. One can now get a clear idea about the preferences and choices, the discount ranges that appeals the most, what kind of campaigns creates the most hype and like this can tailor the entire offering.

Anaz Technologies, one of the leading head count solution in Dubai in association with vemcount software is optimistic that a change is about to happen this year. Be it people counting for events or a shopping mall, the technology on traffic data analysis is a supreme aspect that a business needs to understand and apply.

Again and again, we are focussing on the fact that it is imperative to change with time and for that, the retail revolution in 2019 has already started as retail shops and malls in the UAE have incorporated the people counting software into their business to get a better insight into almost every vertical of business.

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