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As retail data analytics have emerged to be an important factor in retail, Anaz Technologies one of the most trusted name in UAE has been a great support to many organizations. Their analysis is so accurate and efficient that over the years that client has accredited them as one of the leading platforms for 3D people counter.

Whenever a retailer hires such a service, there is one thing that strikes him first is the improvisation done to the business. Anaz Technologies brings to you three major changes that companies will witness within a few months of implementation- development in the structural pattern of the store, optimizing the sales growth and betterment in the operational mechanism of the store. Along with malls and retail stores, Anaz Technologies also renders service in people counting for events where footfall count of people, heavy traffic flow and many such things are calculated intelligently.

For Anaz Technologies, people counter system and the technologies associated with it are like a challenge taken to introduce a new platform for the retail sector and malls.

For Anaz Technologies, people counter system and the technologies associated with it are like a challenge taken to introduce a new platform for the retail sector and malls. The team working behind have understood the need of people count in UAE, and for that matter given businesses a new horizon to explore.

The retail market still captures a large part of the economy in the UAE; every year there is a huge business turnover in the retail sector and to make it more robust and persuasive among the new age buyers, Anaz Technologies has formulated the concept of head counting in Dubai one of an integral part of retail analytics to help them understand and feel the cosmopolitan demand in the market.

Types of data insight-

Helps mall owners and retail stores to get an overview of customers’ engagement and store profitability over a period of time…

Let’s take a close look at the types of data insight that people counting camera brings to you…

Real-time traffic– It helps to count the traffic flow entering and exiting the mall with 99% accuracy in real time. This even helps the management to compare the traffic flow during weekends and weekdays and holidays too.

Validate rents– It counts the number of people entering each store inside a mall and gives a better insight to customers’ preferences over a different store.

Evaluating attraction– It is important to detect the specific areas of a mall where the attraction level of people is high. People counter in UAE keeps a comprehensive track on specific areas like the food court, games room etc.

Digital signage- Play context aware signage displays by leveraging the power of audience behaviour metrics. It helps to deliver a higher customer engagement and a user based marketing strategy to optimize the campaigns.

Like this traffic data plays an integral part in live people counting enabling retail and mall owners to think about a better future of their business.  As the world is facing rapid changes every moment, it is very important to optimize the present establishment and cater to the ever increasing demand of the people. The next part of our discussion will focus on this.

Retail People counting

Any industry needs a proper strategic planning to enhance its growth. We at Anaz Technologies provide all the necessary assistance related to door counter retail.  This focuses on the movement of people inside a store, buying pattern of consumers in and around one particular counter and finally presents a detail report of the entire analysis.

Event people counting

Anaz Technologies also analyses live people counting for events and big concerts.  An organizer invests a large sum of money and always expects a genuine ROI.  Our analysis helps clients to determine various commercial factors like profit, sponsorship, engagement of the audiences, movements of the people in one particular area and for how long are they staying back. All these data are genuine and has no chance of falsification as our people counting software gets an update at frequent intervals.


Visitors’ insight

The concept of live people counter is not only to determine the footfall traffic in shopping mall or events at a park, but it also serves various other dynamics that affect the business.  Visitors’ insight helps business owners or the management to understand the customers who visits the shop. To be more specific the retail traffic counter device analyses the frequency of visit, body language of the consumers inside a particular area of the shop or mall or at an event, how they react towards a particular brand or product etc. Any organization that has a proper customer centric approach is always in a look out to test their experiences, know about their desires and demands so that it can sever them better in the future.

Primarily people counting system were operative in just two facets retail counting and event people counting solution, but now we have introduced various other branches and possibilities to apply this technology. Let us give a brief into of all our dedicated services to clients.


Staff competences

Employees play an integral part in any service oriented industry. The quality of service that the customers get from the staff directly impacts the sale and loyalty quotient of an organization. The retail people counter by Anaz Technologies also helps organizations to examine the work pattern of the existing staff like their body language while dealing with customers, retention rate of customers, movement inside the store and much more. Later we provide a detail analysis and opens up room for improvement. The management while studying the final reports often compare with the data received from visitor live counting to get a better exposure in staff and customer interaction.

Employee evaluation tracking system

These days’ offices are mostly in huge palatial buildings where in case of emergency the process of evacuation takes a longer time and often people becomes untraceable when a calamity like fire takes place. Our system gets activated during an emergency and shows the exact position of the people in a map for specific areas. We install the system especially at the entrances, exit gate etc. 

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