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07 Sep Office365

Office365 is gaining market because of the only reason that Microsoft is specialist in business email services. Many small and mid-level companies are moving to office365 for their email solution. It provides all services of exchange server. Good benefit of using office365 is you have 1 TB of cloud space with your single login for all your storage of big and small files and can access all the time when you are logged in to check your email. It has its spam control mechanism which will help you prevent unwanted emails. According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 62 percent of small business employees use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access their email, which is up from 39 percent just three years ago.

Microsoft mail services in Dubai UAE is growing with fast phase as we have recently implemented office365 for some of our web hosting clients and it is easy to use, outlook rich features, clients are very happy by using all the services of office365 in Dubai. 1 TB for every user – expect this allocation of storage to continue to increase to unlimited in 2015 (it’s already unlimited for personal users).  Similarly, the 2 GB maximum file size was recently increased to 10 GB for OneDrive for Business.

Recently we have setup office365 for a designing company who had challenges of mail and sharing huge high definition drawings and images. By implementing office365 for all users now they have peace of mind to share files and folder very easily while checking emails. Office365 setup in Dubai for.

Which plan will best suite your organization

Plans are broadly classified in two categories A. Business Plan B. Enterprise plan

Before giving option to select the plan you have to consider your requirement and challenges. If you are basically looking for email only and no other features. Than plan A is least price with additional features which you may require to use is 1TB Storage for saving and sharing files and folders.

If you have full use of MS office like excel, word, PowerPoint. Both on your computer and online when you access email, Lynch, SharePoint, Yammer using web access. Plan B is best suitable for you.

If you have large organization you can opt for plan C. It has unlimited users support with easy administration.

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