Our work is concentrated mainly over two important fields retail and events (concerts/park), and both of these involve a huge amount of footfall trafficAnaz Technologies is a recommended organization in UAE to render services on footfall counters for retail and concerts.

Retail people counting

The retail industry needs a good amount of strategic planning to grow further.  At Anaz Technologies we provide all the necessary services related to footfall counting.  The data that gets captured on the device are analysed by our team to produce accurate results to the clients. A foot counter is used to determine the movements and buying patterns of consumers in a particular area.  The work involves analyzing and research to establish a detailed report for further development.

Events people counting

We also analyze footfall traffic in events and concerts in a park. A company invests a heavy amount of money and demands a good ROI. Based on the calculations clients determine the profit, sponsorship, engagement of the audiences in the event, and several other factors.

Results achieved from event people counting are

Audience engagement- With the help of footfall tracker we determine the engagement of the audiences at the event like their interest, coming back to the same place, etc.

Sales generated– We also help to determine the sales generated from the event and based on that calculate the ROI.

Marketing campaignAnaz Technologies provides an overall report on the different marketing activities and how they are benefiting to the event.