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There is an Increase in demand for server and desktop virtualization has brought many storage solutions in the market, the most common concepts of storage used is SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Area Storage). Although both are storage concepts but differ in their functionality. We will honestly help you to decide which one is best suitable for your requirement.

We provide turnkey solution for your complete network infrastructure services based on your requirements transparently and honestly within the budget. Trust is our business is based on trust which we strongly believe and our pillars stands on it. We take atmost care for your backup and storage solution which is very important for your business continuity. We will help you to maintain offsite backup which inturn helps in the event of natural disaster or stolen data.

Our team of storage experts are well trained in providing complete strategically planned solutions for our valued customers.

Broad classification of storage solutions

  • Home and Small Office (NAS & Personal Cloud Storage)
  • Enterprise digital data storage (Primary and backup storage solution for high availability)

Based on the number of users and applications used we will calculate and advice the best solution honestly.

Backup Solutions

Backup strategy concept is to store your files in data repository. Well organized backup strategy helps any individual or organization to protect critical data. We provide service to design, deploy, tune and manage all your backup and storage needs.
Types of backup

  • Database storage backup
  • File and folders backup
  • Snapshots backup

We follow Grandfather-father-son scheme of backup to minimize data loss

Restoring the data is a real challenge today. Closely and carefully planning backup strategy helps to restore data in the event of catastrophic failure. We have many techniques to restore data even in hard drive is formatted or damaged.
Our team will work in our data restoration lab to restore maximum data possible from damaged HDD.

Why data is most important for any individual or organization.

This question will be best answered by the individual or business who lost their important data. Every individual should know the importance of reliable access to critical data and the value of a suitable backup and recovery solution in the event of disaster. Aqib Tech provides best storage solution in Dubai. Data increases every day and totally dependent on best storage solution provide will complete peace of mind. Individuals and organizations will be giving extra consideration to those who have access to their data, and how it can best be secured from unauthorized users.

According to IDC and EMC estimated the size of the digital data will grow to 40,000EB by 2020, the digital data will amount to over 5,200GB per person on the planet. This growth requires storage for as long as it requires to archive. Aqib Tech will work out best industry solution and plan your storage and backup requirement in your organization
This sort of data growth clearly shows the amounts of storage to keep it available for as long as it’s required, and to archive much of it thereafter. Accordingly, storage systems will rise from around 22,000PB in 2013 to just upto 90,000PB in 2016

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