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Voice and data cabling network

Structure and fiber optic cabling is the most important for offices that are more concerned about security, reliability and stability of the network. Structure cabling has its standards of laying cables and terminating. Cabling which is not organized may lead to nightmare and administrator spends lot of time doing firefighting. We understand the complexity of the network and provide professional service for all your cabling needs. In voice and data network power over Ethernet switches will reduce 50% of cabling cost. Our feasibility report provides you the clear picture for your organization.

Quality of cable and patch panel standards have to be maintained. Fixing proper rack and power solution is most important decision point for cabling job and power balance. We have our expert structured cabling technicians who not only advice but do their work in very efficient way. Keeping in Mind Company’s growth plan all probabilities will be worked out.

We will help you to identify what kind of Ethernet network you already have in place or want to set up. Each network consist of devices such as an Ethernet router, Switches and firewall to connect the network elements. A network connected in this manner is called an infrastructure network. An Ethernet network provides superior performance, reliability, and network security.

Based on the data files transfer internally and network applications used are directly proportional to the local Ethernet speed used. We provide best cabling services and give cost analysis report.
Aqib Tech offers complete consulting, designing, and installation services for cabling infrastructures and computer networks nationwide.  AQIB TECH insures dedicated project management in all phases, from the planning stages to the completion of the project.

Wireless Network

Wireless data and voice is essential today in every home, office and site offices. We provide wireless data and voice solution for office, construction site, remote offices and home. We are specialized in office and home automation using latest wireless technology.

Various wireless solutions are available in the market with different type of technology used. We help our valuable client to provide best wireless solution for office and home. Wireless has become a need everywhere. Due to different type of technology standards it sometimes becomes very difficult to decide which solution is best suitable. Different frequency devices do different jobs one should chose device as per the requirement. We will help you to decide which will be suitable for you.

Outdoor and indoor wireless solutions

Outdoor wireless solutions are available for site offices and remote locations or temporary requirement of network. Proper setup of outdoor wireless will help you to have constant speed connectivity. Outdoor wireless cameras, automation systems equire proper wireless solution for uninterrupted services.
AQIB TECH helps the clients with customized and cost effective solution. We have experienced Engineers who can help you get your work done professionally

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