The trend in shopping has changed in a huge way in the past few years. A consumer may not realize it, but if one takes a sneak peek into the matter there will be a lot of things to understand and learn from.

Over the years the retail industry has transformed and took some effective steps to reach out to more consumers and enhance the business scenario on their side. Just the way credit cards and bar codes made a mark in the past in the same manner people counting solution is currently adding a huge value to retail businesses.

For any retailer staying in a highly competitive market environment is extremely important and for that data analysis must be taken seriously by them.  The results from the analysis will help them to expand their business and also understand consumers buying pattern. With live people counting the footfall data gets easily captured and is reviewed by a team of experts to present before the retailers.

For taking smart business decisions people counting technology is the most innovative platform that the world is now using.

Over here we will focus as how people counting help retailers to gain a better insight to their business.

Safety and security measuresThis is highly important for any retail business especially when it’s a showroom in a shopping mall. Just the way the digital platform provides security to buyers while purchasing a product in the same manner the retail business also ensures security around the shop.  The reports generated from people counting helps to highlight areas where more stringent security measures are needed to control criminal activities and many more precautionary measures for the customers. It also helps to distribute resources in proper areas and maintain stability at work.

Customer serviceAttending customers with generosity adds true value to any kind of business.  With live people counting technology retailers can monitor the customer service department and can find ways to improve it further. The analysis made based on the reports of the people counting technology helps to determine the following this like mannerism of the staff in the front desk, how much time are they really serving to the people and not doing anything else etc. This also affects in a big way to brand enhancement.

Proper facility managementWith the introduction of people counting in UAE there happens to be a better functioning in facility management. The retailers can plan for stocks and other necessary items such as cleaning elements, hand soap, paper towels etc. The data received from the people counting software gives a strong and robust understanding of the working of the facility management in an organization.

Proper allocation of staffs- With the introduction of 3D people counter retail shops can optimize their labour force. The system gives retailers a detailed report on the sales floor, position of the staff during the shop open hours, particular departments where sales strength is less in compare to customers etc. In this way people counter in UAE helps retailers to gain a productive insight in managing staffs and also their performance metrics.

In this way live people counter in UAE makes retail business more advanced in terms of managing the entire operation. The technology has brought a sea change in further development in every retail oriented business model.