Business Analytic Solutions

Business analysis

Along with providing services on outdoor people counter we also do business analytics.  We have been serving clients in the retail sector in the most efficient manner to make their business reach new heights of success.

Two ways by which we assist clients in their business growth are:

Accurate analysis of reports– Our team analyse all kinds of reports that gets generated from different sources.  The reports are important for a store to look forward in their progress.

Setting a proper strategy– We help clients to frame a proper strategy in their business venture. Based on the reports we help clients to build a successful strategy which will boost up both the brand image and the sales figures.

Choose the counter wisely for your business. How?

We will also tell you how to choose a viable counter based on the need of your business.

How is the entrance set up of the store?

The report generated from door people counter depends on the door set up at the entrance of the store. An open entrance cannot give an accurate horizontal counting because people block each other. The door which swings out can generate an accurate report than the ones which swings in because the beam gets blocked from detection

How much wide is the entrance?

The wider the entrance the more is the traffic generation.  To get a proper report on door traffic counter an overhead censor is often needed.  Every door sensor requires a network connection in the ceiling of the entrance.

How to get traffic count on an hourly basis?

If a client needs a report on an hourly basis, then bi-directional sensors are used. The sensor will capture every moments in and out which give an accurate report of the traffic throughout the day.


We have just been hired to work for: (Recent work)

Recently, Global Village Dubai completed its 22nd season, and it was a huge success where more than 6 million guests were present over a time period of 158 days.  Anaz Technologies has been chosen to work on people counting in this gala event.

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