About Us

The journey of unputdowanbale service by Aqib Tech began in the year 2013 in UAE. From the very beginning we attended clients with the most diversified services like mall people counter, event people counter, exhibitions people counter and more.

The technologies and solutions that we provide in footfall counting system are data rich and insight driven. Our research and development team is on a constant process of bringing innovation at work and cultivate solutions that are more constructive for clients.

Our root is from UAE, but we have travelled across the world with the model of visitor counting system and the products we offer are tailored fit to an organization’s requirement.  The idea of customizing the usage of technology is what makes our clientele journey interesting.

The recognition as a trusted organization in visitor counting system in UAE derives from the domain knowledge and expertise that the team has in solving complex issues and introducing the best solution at work.

Aqib Tech also catapults a lot of diversification at work.  The team also specializes in employee evacuation tracking system that is now being used by many organizations to achieve a better work environment. Nevertheless employee evacuation tracking is the most innovative and pragmatic solution to maintain the workforce in the current years.

Since 2013 Aqib Tech has one single motto to render the highest quality service to its clientele and also introduce new technologies that can bring a better performance driven result at work and also produce a library of reports on traffic density, sales optimization, architectural pattern of the store etc.

Why Aqib Tech?

  • Bringing the most updated technology in analysing data on retail foot traffic counters
  • Making event people counting solution reach greater heights in analysing footfalls
  • For the first time introducing employee evacuation tracking system for any kind of emergency